SMARTFIND Information
  • Website
  • Toll Free Phone Number: 1 855 319 1830
  • SmartFind Help Desk: (519) 822 4420 ext. 803.
        Talk to Linda Forbes or to email her, click here.

  • SmartFind - FAQ

    How does Smartfind work?
    Smartfind will call out a job randomly not alphabetically, from the pool of qualified teachers first. In other words if you have special education qualifications and you are willing to go to that school then you will get called first. Once it has done that pool first it will then cycle through unqualified but willing to work those jobs. So if Montgomery Village is a school you are willing to work at, and it is a French job you are willing to work there even if you are unqualified, then you will be called next. The final attempt at filling the jobs is a call to someone willing to work at Montgomery Village who is neither qualified and has not expressed interest (willing to work) in that French job. It is the final kick at the can.
    If you don't answer or refuse 5 jobs in the morning the system won't continue calling you because it assumes you aren't available. It will however continue to call you in the evening for jobs for the next day.

    How can I increase the number of calls I receive?
  • Increase the number of schools you have listed in your profile.
  • Select schools that have fewer substitutes willing to go to them (typically the Northern schools, or East Wellington schools).
  • Be available - make sure your Daily Availability is correct and shows you are available.
  • Since the majority of callout occurs between 6:00 - 7:00 pm, try to be available to take the job offers (switch your phone number to a cell phone if you are going out during these times).
  • Increase the number of classifications you are "willing to teach".
  • Select classifications that have fewer substitutes willing to teach them (typically core French, French immersion, and the grade 7/8 classifications).

  • How do I change my Daily Availability?
  • If your profile currently shows you are available Monday - Friday (All Day).
  • You must first delete the Day of the Week you would like to change. (in this example, Wednesday)
  • Once the Day of the Week is deleted, you can click on "New", the default will show Monday - Friday (All Day).
  • Unclick the Days of the Week that are currently in your profile (in this example, Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri).
  • Modify your available times for Wednesday if needed, and click on Save.

  • Daily Availability - 60 Days in Future?
  • Your Daily Availability in Smart Find is for the next 60 days.
  • If you are unavailable every Monday afternoon for the next few months, I would suggest making this change in your Daily Availability.
  • If you are unavailable next Monday afternoon (only next week), I would suggest entering this date/time in your Temporary Unavailability Period.

  • Who do I contact if I have issues or concerns?
  • If there are any concerns email me, Andrew Aloe Also, if you want to check or add to your profile call (519) 822 4420 ext. 803. Talk to Linda Forbes or email her
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