OT RESOURCES Most of these files are in PDF  (Acrobat Reader) form.
If you need Acrobat Reader in order to view them, click here

Governance, Professionalism, and Head of the Class (a survival guide for occasional teachers, published by ETFO)

Supply Tips  is another survival guide for occasional teachers. It is published privately.

Guides: (pdf)
Starting School     Body Image
Bullying     Self-Esteem
Read to Succeed
Duties of Teachers
Early Adolescence
Duty to Report to F&CS
Internet Issues

Professional Relations & Counselling Services

New Members

ETFO reference book

- ETFO Media Releases
- Queen's Park Highlights
- ETFO eNewsletter
- PRS Matters Bulletins

Keep up-to-date on the status of your pension.
OTPP - Pension News Online

OCT Documents
Transition to Teaching 2010
Foundations of Professional Practice
EPI-PEN Instructions
This site contains a short movie on the administration of Epi-pens and a downloadable product manual.

UGDSB info
Allergies in the Schools

UGDSB School Directory 2014 - 2015

School Year Calendars

"No Bus Days"

Some policies of interest to OTs

Elementary Schools Instructional Day Times 2015 - 2016

OT Pay schedule 2014 2015

Driving Directions to schools.
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